August 30, 2017
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At GrilleGraphics we don't hide astronomical prices and extra fees behind a "contact us for a quote" form.  Our pricing is all here and all up-front, and it includes your 100% custom artwork reviewed by a professional designer and printed in staggering detail and vibrance on durable, sonically transparent, REAL grille cloth.  Our products stand at the pinnacle of both image and sound in the industry.

Determining the price of your GrillleGraphic is a simple two-step process:

Step 1:

To determine the base price, measure the height and width of your existing grille (measure the grille itself, NOT the outside dimensions of the cabinet).  This is the print area, and this measurement will determine the base price of your GrilleGraphic.

Area (sq. in.) Price
Up to 500 sq. in. $39.95
501 to 750 sq. in. $54.95
751 to 1000 sq. in. $69.95
1001 to 1250 sq. in. $94.95
1251+ sq. in. Contact us

Step 2:

Next, choose one of our innovative installation options:

Option Price
The DIY installation option is the most permanent and complicated, but it also results in the most integrated, "professional" presentation of your artwork.  It requires customers to disassemble and reassemble their cabinets, physically remove their existing grille cloth and replace it with your new GrilleGraphic*.  Do not select this option unless you know that the baffle on your existing cabinet can be easily removed and replaced and that you are confident in your ability to do so without damaging your equipment.
Tension Rod
The tension rod installation option utilizes strong but lightweight fiberglass and carbon fiber tension rods that hold the GrilleGraphic in place *over* your existing grille cloth.  This option requires a 1/4" or deeper recessed "lip" around your grille.  This method of installation is easily removed or replaced and does not physically change your equipment in any way.
Top Drape
The top drape installation option includes extra material at the top of your GrilleGraphic and a weighted bar at the bottom to keep it secure.  This installation option requires a minimum of 2" unobstructed at the top of your cabinet and no controls on the front/face.  It can be secured either by heavy-duty velcro (included) or be held in place by an amplifier on the top of the enclosure.  This option installs over your existing grille and allows the GrilleGraphic to be easily removed and does not physically change your equipment in any way.
This installation option includes powerful magnets sewn into the GrilleGraphic and is designed for cabinets with existing metal grilles.  It installs over your existing grille and does not physically change your equipment in any way.
Face Wrap
The face wrap installation option features "flaps" at the top, bottom, and sides of your GrilleGraphic that fold around the outer edges of your cabinet and attach with heavy-duty velcro (included).  A minimum of 2" unobstructed are required at the top, bottom and sides of the cabinet and no controls on the front/face.  Depending on how you attach the velcro (adhesive vs. screwing it in place), this option may slightly alter your equipment.


*GrilleGraphics assumes no liability for dameage to any customer's equipment as a result of their decision to attempt a grille replacement.
Customers assume all liability and responsibility for safety and any damage that may occur.

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