About Us

About Us

August 30, 2016

GrilleGraphics was born from DrumART, a company that has been creating the highest-quality, most durable custom bass drumheads for tens of thousands of clients - including many of the biggest names in music - since 1997. For years we heard the calls from our amplified brethren to come up with custom printed grille cloths that would allow them to look as cool as their drummer friends. For years we searched under every rock for a solution that would provide the same vivid prints and bulletproof durability as our peerless drumheads. And for years we were frustrated. Until now.

We at GrilleGraphics have developed a proprietary process that creates the most mind-blowingly vibrant and vivid custom grille cloths available today. Prints that literally become part of the fabric, so they will not scratch, peel or fade. Ever. You will literally tear the fabric before you damage the print. Spill beer on one? No worries! Throw it in the wash and be amazed at the results. Leave one out in the rain? Your cabinet may be toast, but your GrilleGraphics custom grille cloth will still be going strong.

We even have multiple installation options, so your artwork can be as permanent or as easily removed as you would like

But more than creating the best, most durable, longest-lasting products in the music industry, our business has always been about people and service.

Ultimately, we know that making our customers happy is the key to our past, present and future success.

To that end, we have built our website from the ground up using the most cutting-edge technology to make sure it as user-friendly as it is powerful. And unlike our competitors, GrilleGraphics is not an afterthought of an already busy sign shop or amp manufacturer. Musicians are our focus and meeting YOUR individual needs is our goal. At GrilleGraphics, Custom means CUSTOM. Because the last thing you want is the same artwork as somebody else.

The bottom line is that we're less expensive and more responsive because DrumART and GrilleGraphics are all we do!

Our mission is to have a GrilleGraphics custom grille cloth on the cabinet of EVERY aspiring and professional guitar player in the world. And to have every one of them thrilled with the results. Period.

GrilleGraphics - the legendary quality, service and value you have come to expect from DrumART. Now Amplified.

So what are you waiting for? You know you want one. Do it.

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