Why should I choose grillegraphics.com?

July 20, 2016
Here are the top 11 reasons that you should choose GrilleGraphics.com.  That's right, our list "goes to ELEVEN!"

#11: We're players, too!

Our GrilleGraphics custom grille cloths are made BY musicians, FOR musicians. And that means mean gigging musicians, not former musicians. We're still out there, still playing every day, grinding it out in clubs and bars across the country and beyond.

We've seen it all and done it all *before* you even thought about coming to us, so you can be sure that you'll benefit from our experience.

#10: We offer the highest-quality printing and materials.

Our new six-color 1440 DPI printer is literally state-of-the-art. It boasts the highest quality and durability of any printer in its class, as well as the widest color-gamut in the industry. Colors are true and blacks are BLACK, not some washed-out approximation of black.  And our process is 100% color-managed from proof to print.

Huh? You want that in English? Okay... Basically it means that your GrilleGraphic will be clear and sharp enough to turn every head in the place, that it'll have... like... eleventy-billion colors in it, that you can spill a beer on it and not have to worry. The image you approve will be the GrilleGraphic you get. Simple!

Not only is the quality of our output second to none, but the materials we use have been thoroughly tested against many others and chosen for their specific characteristics for use on GrilleGraphics. In fact, our materials and application process are so refined that the artwork does NOT noticeably impact the sound of the amp. Anyone can print a logo on an amp -- only we create GrilleGraphics!

#9: Our artists ROCK.

It's true, they do. Both literally and figuratively in most cases. We work with some of the most talented artists in the industry to create our magnificent custom bass grille graphics. Many of them are musicians themselves. They understand what we're doing and why we're doing it, and they want to be a part of the GrilleGraphics revolution. Compare our gallery to others. The proof is in the pudding!

#8: Our relatives ROCK, too.

GrilleGraphics.com is the sister company of DrumART.com, a brand synonymous with the highest quality and service in custom printed bass drumheads. DrumART began way back in 1997 -- remember 1997? -- when DrumART's owner wanted his own custom bass drumhead, and it's grown from there. GrilleGraphics inherits DrumART's commitment to quality, service and sound

GrilleGraphics: The quality and service you have come to expect from DrumART. Now amplified.

#7: We're at least a little bit clever.

You've seen our ads or checked out the website and cracked a smile once or twice, right? We know you have. Come on, admit it! "ROCK STAR quality at GARAGE BAND prices" is somewhat clever, right? We're at least a little amusing...right? Right? RIGHT??

Bottom line: we like having fun, and we want you to have fun with the process, too.

#6: We care about our customers!

Seriously. A lot. But not in that creepy Single White Female kind of a way. It's more like a bunch of friends hanging out with a couple of beers on a Saturday night.

Just check out the of reviews in our Testimonials section.  They're administered by RatePoint, an independet, third-party rating and review management company, so you can be sure that they're all 100% real and 100% unbiased. Of the nearly 10,000 heads we've done we can count on one hand the number we've had returned: 4. While we can't please ALL of the people ALL of the time, we can certainly try!

#5: We stand behind our products. Period.

The bottom line: if you're not happy, we're not happy. We might not be able to satisfy *everyone* (see #6), but that's why we've got our 100% satisfaction guarantee. You know how we can afford that? Did you see how many returns we've had in nearly 10,000 orders? Right. 4.

#4: Research and Innovation

Our custom GrilleGraphics are at the top of the heap because we've put in the research necessary to make *educated* decisions on their construction and materials. Everything from materials to ink types to application processes has been tested and benchmarked until we found the optimal combination that affords the highest clarity, richest color and least impact on the sound of the amp. Trial and error and spending late nights supporting unproven products is not the way we choose to do business. We don't sacrifice the trust of our customers by using them as guinea pigs for untested products.

#3: We don't nickel-and-dime you!

Again, we're providing a service, and we take that responsibility very seriously. How annoying is it when you get charged for every little tweak and change that you try to make? VERY annoying! You choose us because you know we can make the head of your dreams. Your happiness is our success, and we're not going to squander that goodwill. Our artists are peerless when it comes to taking your artwork and making it happen on a bass grille graphic, regardless of size or resolution. And while we can't create artwork from scratch for free, we *can* work with you to make it easy.

There is no fine print at GrilleGraphics.com.

#2: We're not an afterthought.

There are sign shops that try to make custom grille cloths, and then there's GrilleGraphics. Unlike many of our competitors, GrilleGraphics.com was started as a custom grille cloth manufacturer, not as an afterthought of an already busy sign shop.

What does that mean? It means that we can be faster, more responsive and more innovative. It means that we can focus all our energy on you and your band. It means that we can offer the full spectrum of products that bands require -- custom bass grille graphics, banners, backdrops, bumper stickers, t-shirs, keychains, mouse pads, mugs...you name it.

#1: Our mothers say so!

It's true. Our moms say that you should get your custom GrilleGraphics from GrilleGraphics.com. We're not kidding. And they're really nice ladies. You should listen to them.

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