What is the difference between installation options?

July 20, 2016

Tension Rods:

If your cabinet has a recessed grille that features a "lip" of 1/2" or more, our tension rod installation option is available to you. We custom manufacture our own strong, lightweight carbon fiber and fiberglass tension rods to your exact specifications. The rods hold your GrilleGraphic in place in front of your existing grille cloth. They are sonically transparent, so there's no need to worry about sound, and they are easy to install and remove, so you can change them out instantly whenever you'd like.

Top Drape:

Our top drape option can be used on just about any cabinet, and it's the easiest to install or remove. You can either use Velcro strips, tacks or even your own amplifier head to hold it in place. The weighted GrilleGraphic then simply hangs in front of your existing grille cloth. Since our GrilleGraphics are sonically transparent, there's no need to worry about affecting the sound of your rig. When the gig is over, just remove it, roll it up and store it until the next show.


Our DIY option essentially leaves the installation up to you. We'll print the GrilleGraphic to your size and specifications and then leave it up to you to install it. We've seen everything from tacks to duct tape used to hold GrilleGraphics in place. We don't recommend this option for the most part, but it is available if you want to give it a shot!

Full Replacement:

Our full replacement option is the most in-depth, but it provides the most "polished" appearance for your cab. Also, depending on your cab setup, it may be the best/only option. Usually this would include custom cabinets that have odd-shaped openings or combo amps with flush mounted grilles and control knobs on the face that would be covered by draped artwork.

*Please Note: Due to the fact that the removal of your existing grille and replacement with a custom GrilleGraphic is an inherently difficult and risky prospect, you do so at your own risk. GrilleGraphics.com is not liable for any damage you might do to yourself or your speaker cabinet in the process.

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