Can you create artwork for me?

July 20, 2016

The answer to this question is yes, absolutely! Our new CabCreator system gives you access to literally MILLIONS of images, and it provides the text, scaling and rotating tools you need to create your own custom bass drumhead from scratch.

But what if you want the help of a professional?  Thankfully, we can help there, too.  But before you start jumping for joy, let's all get on the same page...

First, we need to clarify the difference between a custom design and custom illustration. Basically, custom design is your standard fare -- layout, design, typesetting, drop shadows, colors, general presentation, etc. Custom ILLUSTRATION on the other hand usually involves hand-drawing, painting or otherwise manually creating a work of art literally from scratch. In other words, commissioning a one-of-a-kind piece of artwork from a very talented (and usually expensive) artist. employs some amazing artists, so we can (and do) both types of work all the time. In fact, we provide some form of graphic design services on virtually every "Leave it to us" head we produce. It's rare that a design comes in that can't benefit in some way from our experience and skill. We generally do this at no change as a courtesy to our clients -- it's why you hire us, after all. We do charge for more in-depth design work, complicated vectorization services, etc. but we are as reasonable as possible with the top-notch services we provide.

Custom illustration is where things get hazy. It is very, VERY time-consuming to draw something meaningfully good from words in an e-mail. "I want a guy on a boat on a stormy sea, and I want it to look cool" doesn't actually mean very much. What kind of guy? What's he wearing? What color hair? What kind of boat? What's the perspective? Is it day? Night? Is there anything else in the water? What's the landscape? Is he even near land? What colors should be used? You get the point. Even after creating something there's no guarantee it'll be exactly what you expect.

Because of this, custom illustration can be an expensive proposition (think HUNDREDS of dollars for a single design). However, for those who do it, it's the ultimate personal statement -- it is 100% custom.

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