Can I order a complete replacement or do I have to put it over my existing grill?

July 20, 2016

You can certainly order a "raw" GrilleGraphic which can be used to replace your existing grille! When done properly, full replacement of your existing grille results in the most durable and "polished" presentation option for your GrilleGraphic

That said, our standard installation options feature the same top-quality printing and materials and give you everything you want in cabinet customization without the need to tear apart your cabinet. They are sonically transparent and, depending on your speaker cabinet specs, we offer a number of different installation options including tension rods, drapes and magnets or Velcro. Please see our Install Options help article for more information.

The bottom line is that you can install, remove, and reinstall your custom GrilleGraphics over and over again using our standard installation options. Why not order a few and rotate them from gig to gig? The possibilities are endless!

*Please Note: Due to the fact that the removal of your existing grille and replacement with a custom GrilleGraphic is an inherently difficult and risky prospect, you do so at your own risk. is not liable for any damage you might do to yourself or your speaker cabinet in the process.

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