Am I required to include the logo on my grille cloth?

July 20, 2016

Required? Absolutely not. It's your head, so who are we to *force* you to put anything on it?

That said, there has been some confusion in the marketplace about the differences in the superior quality and customer service provided by vs. our competitors. It is important that our high-quality work be recognized as ours and, perhaps more importantly, that the sub-standard products of others not be confused with our own.

All custom GrilleGraphics provided by will have a small, tasteful and very cool logo added to the bottom. You may elect not to include the logo on your grille if you wish ($5 fee will apply).

We know you're going to be so thrilled with your GrilleGraphic that you'll tell everyone you meet about it, but as more and more of our products are appearing in advertising, videos, concerts, TV appearances, photos and websites all over the world, we have come to realize that this is a good opportunity to solidify our brand and differentiate ourselves from the competition.

So, allowing us to add a small logo to your grille not only helps us build our business so we can continue providing the music community with the best, most economical, most innovative band branding options in the world, but it's also a killer logo that looks great on any design! :)

Please note: While it is possible to change the color of the logo in the CabCreator, if you choose to include our logo on your grille, it must be visible when your order is placed. If the logo color is changed to match the background image/grille color or if the logo is moved off the edge of the design area, our designers will replace the logo to make it visible at the bottom corner of the grille when printed.

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